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Zenilum-NOV APL - Pioneering Offshore Innovations

Zenilum Company Limited is excited to unveil our latest product, the APL Subsea structures and Mooring Systems, designed to set a new standard in offshore operations and technologies.

APL, established in 1993, stands as a global leader in creating cost-efficient, innovative technologies that bridge the gap between seabed and floating units. Initially founded to address the demanding mooring and fluid transfer needs in the challenging offshore environments of Norway and the UK, APL has grown to deliver solutions that perform in harsh conditions, benign waters, and both shallow and deep waters. With over 90 loading systems and 80 turret mooring systems successfully deployed worldwide, APL’s track record speaks for itself.

Currently active in Nigerian waters, APL’s Buoy Turret Loading (BTL), Submerged Swivel and Yoke (SSY) and Single Anchor Loading (SAL) technologies are set to revolutionize the region’s offshore operations. 

Together, Zenilum and APL are poised to drive forward the next generation of offshore oil and gas production and transfer solutions, combining our expertise to meet the industry’s evolving demands.

Join us as we innovate and lead the future of offshore technology.

Buoy Turret Loading (BTL)

The BTL technology provides an offloading station well suited for spread moored FPSO in deep waters.

  • Based on wheel bearings for the turret.
  • All wheels are on-site exchangeable.
  • The BTL offers large deck space for operation, inspection and maintenance of equipment.
  • The keyhole shape provides improved weather- vaning capability.
  • The BTL is fabrication friendly and allows for high local content.

As a turret CALM buoy for large and frequent offloading operations, the Buoy Turret Loading (BTL) is the link between geostatic subsea manifold connections and the weathervaning tanker, enabling the vessel to take up the position of least resistance to the prevailing weather conditions at all times. Fluid product is transferred via the BTL to the tanker by floating and subsea hose systems. Its deck offers wide space for operation, inspection, and maintenance of equipment, and its keyhole shape enables improved weathervaning. The BTL is fabrication-friendly, allowing for high local content.

Submerged Swivel and Yoke (SSY)

The SSY system is a cost-efficient system for mooring of vessels utilizing one or two risers and a single inline fluid swivel.

  • Based on same mooring technology as the SYS and all vital components are designed for lifetime.
  • Typical use is FSRU, FLNG, FSO vessels; no need of jetty
  • Also applicable for transfer of CO2, NH3 and H2
  • Typical water depth 15 – 70m.
  • Robust, in-line fluid swivel integrated in SSY Base.
  • The flexible riser connects the fluid swivel with the vessel.
  • Can be designed for disconnection in cyclone/hurricane environments.
Single Anchor Loading (SAL)

A Single Anchor Loading (SAL™) base anchored into the seabed integrates the pipeline end manifold (PLEM), a mooring turret, and in-line swivel. An oil-loading tanker (OLT) or floating storage and offloading (FSO) vessel freely weathervanes around the SAL subsea turret via a mooring polyester rope. The mooring includes a clump weight that provides damping. The oil is transferred through an in-line swivel and a hose string assembly up to the vessel piping at the bow. OLTs may gain efficiency with the addition of a complete Bow Loading System (BLS); FSO vessels simply require minor bow piping manifold addition. A quick connect/disconnect coupler provides safety against oil spill risk while a weak link in the chaffing chain provides for mooring release beyond a set threshold.

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