Zenilum Company Limited is an Indigenous Oil and Gas Service Company experienced in Consulting and Resource Management.


Scope of Services


We are seasoned experts with development, management and consulting experience on large industry assets in the Niger Delta, including but not limited to Onshore/Swamp and Deep Water.

Our team is poised to be recognized as the #1 Asset Development Consulting Team in Nigeria.

NOV drilling rigs are designed with the versatility and reliability to provide superior performance in even the most difficult and unpredictable drilling conditions. Offering a variety of innovative designs, our drilling rig portfolio is focused on optimizing your drilling operations. Whether you need desert rigs or you’re drilling in the Arctic, when you choose NOV you’re backed by an industry leader with more than 170 years of drilling experience.

We carry out engineering services, procurement, installation,  repairs, maintenance, and commissioning of electrical, instrumentation & mechanical systems. Some of the industries we service include:

  • Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Building Services


Our services to these industries include:

  • Design Installation and Commissioning of equipment
  • Equipment procurement and supply
  • Equipment Asset Integrity
  • Power system audit and analysis
  • Industrial control solutions
  • Panel building & Installation

Zenilum provides technical consultancy on geological surveys and facility maintenance. We specialize in the following:

  • Geological Investigation (Geophysical, Geotechnical et al.)
  • Surveying, Geographical Information System, Mapping and Positioning
  • Water Engineering, Environmental Study and Management
  • Pile Foundation, Shore Protection and Engineering Construction
  • Fabrication, Installation and Facility Maintenance Services

Heavy Duty Equipment Integrity Assurance & Maintenance Services

  • Offshore & Onshore Crane Maintenance & Certification
  • Pumps & Generator Maintenance
  • Rigs & Vessel Maintenance which includes:
    • Inspection, analysis and structural design
    • Floating/Dry Dock and on-site emergency repairs
    • Underwater repairs and maintenance, including underwater cleaning of Propellers
    • Engine repairs/overhauls and replacement
    • Electrical, Electronic and Hydraulic systems repairs

Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) of offshore installations.
Non-Destructive Testing Underwater cutting and welding. Repair of underwater oil and gas pipelines. Installation of tie-ins. Assistance in laying of cables and pipes.

Engaging with stakeholders is crucial to the success of any organization.
Our team of experts strategically engages stakeholders, identifies their needs and helps translate them into organizational goals, which helps to create the basis of effective strategy development.

FAD is today, a leading international manufacturer of steel products including flanges, forged fittings, tubular products, pipes and fittings known widely for its superior steel products in the Oil & Gas, Transportation, Construction and Manufacturing industries globally. In order to establish its foothold in the Nigerian markets, FAD has succeeded in securing a strong partnership with Zenilum as key distributors to facilitate and manage its growing clients’ expectations in the country.

Wellbore Technologies develop the equipment, technologies, and services necessary to maximize the efficiency and economics of oil and gas wells.

The segment provides the oil and gas industry with drill bits, borehole enlargement services, and directional drilling tools and optimization/automation software and services.

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Zenilum Company Limited is an Indigenous Oil and Gas Service Company experienced in Consulting and Resource Management.

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